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Real Medicine.
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Using Eastern medicine, our founder Sifu Nadine Shozuya is over 85% successful at improving her patients’ general health. Now you too can bring the gift of healing to your household with our holistic health products and herbal medicine.

3 medicine cabinet must-haves

Tired of being in pain? You’ve come to the right place. Not only do these products relieve pain amazingly fast, but they’re completely safe and can even save you from getting surgery. Click the links below to learn more about how you can live life pain-free.


This fantastic herbal tincture is what you need to keep your body strong and flexible. Anybody can benefit from the amazing restorative power of Jiao!

Magnet Therapy

Got pain anywhere? Just roll it, press it, stick it, and stack it for instant relief! One application of this Eastern pain relief kit will have you feeling better instantly.

Herbal Ice

Did you know that ice will damage your muscles? Stop icing yourself and start taking inflammation down with Herbal Ice!


the natural way to longevity and happiness

Looking for natural remedies that promote long-term health? Look no further. Chinese herbal medicine is one of the safest, fastest, most effective ways to maximize your health.


Herbs - Bone Max

Osteoporosis is one of the most debilitating diseases known to man. If you have osteoporosis, take Bone Max. Bone Max promotes the growth of bone marrow and restores strength and vitality to your skeleton. One of our patients went from having osteoporosis to having stronger bones than a 25-year-old woman! If you don’t want to get osteoporosis in the first place, start taking Bone Max now and arm your bones against decay!

Herbs - Chill pill

Stress is a common problem for Americans. 8 out of 10 Americans report suffering from stress. Because it’s so common, stress might not seem like a big deal. Stress is, in fact, the biggest deal. Most people don’t know that stress is the principle cause of all illnesses. Heart disease, obesity, Alzheimer’s, and migraines are just some of the diseases rooted in stress. If you’ve got stress, illness is coming your way. If you don’t want illness, take Chill Pill.

Herbs - Cough Drop

Coughing isn’t just noisy, painful, and disruptive. Repeated coughing over a long period of time will scar your throat permanently. If you have a cough, don’t simply resign yourself to living with it. Order your Cough Drop herbs ASAP and save yourself from a scarred throat.